Saturday, 20 August 2011

Update: Im back and ready for some action

Hey guys

Sorry for the lack of content recently but i have been busy at work and my computer has been playing up. After a quick memory wipe everything is all fine and dandy and its back to work!

Today i am heading to my local GW and plan on having a few games of varying sizes specifically with my Wood Elves since people on my youtube account have requested some more coverage. In response, thats what i am doing and of course to go one step further i have even entered a doubles tournement with my wood elves to give you some competitive gaming with the wood elves to see how i fare, how the army holds up and hopefully get you to learn from my mistakes...which will be many :p

My beastmen are not on hold, they are still working as a side project

Guides, they have had a bit of a hold back however no longer. Wood Elf and Beastmen guides will be posted likely in video and written format with more indepth views in the written section.

Wander and Ponders whilst not very popular are very fun to make and i may be continuing this series, you will have to wait and see!

Thats it for now guys, i have to run to get to my bus on time!

- Azeebo

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