Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Wood Elves - How to win Blood and Glory

Hey guys

So blood and glory is always a tough mission for us to win with, why? We dont use banners very often as they tend not to have much benefit in our army lists...this is a problem of course. To win blood and glory you need to employ a Less is More mind set.

Waywatcher Kindred
Hunters Talon
Pagent of Shrikes

This chap get 2 sniper shots a turn, 1 of which is killing blow. Aim for their banners, kill them. Aim for their general/BSB if you need to with a killing blow and by turn 3, you should have breached their breaking point and BAM you win. This noble + your army to get other banners along the way is almost a sure fire way of getting a victory, or at least making it easier to get one. He is even useful in regular games as taking down a BSB, General or Standard Bearer could mean the difference between a unit running and a unit holding and crushing your next turn. Also perfect for taking out armour-less wizards (of which there are many!)

I use this guy in just about every list and he always performs well, i advise you guys at least consider taking him as well!

EDIT: On further reading of the rules, you cannot kill a standard bearer in this way which is a shame. Regardless this build is still very handy when it comes to sniping key characters such as wizards, generals and BSB's.

- Azeebo

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  1. Waywatcher KB not combinable with magic bow. Check Wood Elf army book in Kindred section.