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Fluff Report: Wood Elves Vs High Elves 2000 Points REMATCH

Hey guys, Azeebo here

So i posted my latest battle report a few minutes ago and wrote it all up in FLUFF earlier this week. Thought i would share with you my first and only draft. Hope you enjoy.

A warm breeze gently blows through the trees and vines, shrubs and bushes, spirits and spites darting between the branches fading in and out of reality in a blink of an eye. Only the creaking of ancient trees and the sounds of the wild life that inhabit Athel Loren break the eerie silence.

Heavy footsteps echo through the forest, clanging mail and hushed whispers disturbing the delicate balance of Athel Loren. War had entered the forest and the warm breeze quickly turned into a howling gale that turned blood to ice. The gentle creaking and calm sounds turned into loud crashing and terrifying screams as the intruders entered the sacred glade.

Iorveth stood atop one of the countless trees watching the intruders march through his home, they heralded from Ulthan…his power hungry cousins have no place here. Within a heart beat he had moved from his position and had began his trek back to the Dark Oak. His heart was pounding; sweat pouring down his face he had to be careful where he tread as even the Asrai have to be ever watchful when the forest becomes hostile. Paths he once knew had changed and making his way back home took twice as long as the forest was moving to intercept the threat. Finally he emerged from the black and into a small clearing where a blackened and scarred tree stood tall.

“Iorveth! You have returned earlier that expected. What has happened?” said a woman’s soft voice

“Forgive me Rhaine, I bring news from the boarder. Asur have entered the forest, we must act!” Iorveths tone was assertive but undeniably aggressive towards the Spell Weaver.

“How many march on sacred soil?” Rhaine was clearly hesitant

“120 heavily armed and armoured elves, heavy cavalry from Caledor and I spotted a great eagle flying above them.”

“There are to many for us to handle. They triple us in number, we require the aid of other kinbands in order to triumph.”

“There is no time for this! You expect me to sit around and watch as my home is burned and pillaged for trinkets? You want me to watch as my kin die? Even if it is a losing fight we at least tried to stop their advance! It is better to die on the battlefield than die cowering in our homes.” Iorveths eyes were ablaze with passion

“Watch your tongue! I will not have us march against the Asur in a vain attempt at stopping their advance. No your place!” Rhaines hands erupted with a green light, an aura of power surrounding her body.

“Now now children, there is no need to bicker. The enemy out number you but you forget, spring is approaching and we are waking up. March to war and we will follow…” A dark voice pierced the minds of the elves.

“Mor Brethil, I thank you for your aid” Iorveth bowed before the venerable Branchwraith. “Now if you would excuse me ladies, I have a war to wage.”

Army Lists

Wood Elves


Rhaine Dîs En Taurë (Bride of the Forest)
Level Four Wizard (Life)

Ioveth Dûr Rana (The Dark Wanderer)
Scout Kindred
Hand Weapon
The Bow of Loren
Arcane Bodkins


Mor Brethil (Black Birch)
Cluster of Radiance


10 Glade Guard

10 Glade Guard

10 Glade Guard

10 Dryads

10 Dryads


6 Tree Kin


Oakcrest Avari Maethor (Unwilling Warrior)

6 Waywatchers

High Elves


Eistia Vanwa Galad / TECLIS (The Lost Light)


Ellyan Tûr En Menel (Master of the Heavens)
Hand Weapon
Heavy Armour
Helm of Fortune
The Skeinsliver
Great Eagle


50 Spearmen


20 Sword Masters of Hoeth
Standard Bearer
Banner of Sorcery

20 Sword Masters of Hoeth
Standard Bearer

10 Dragon Princes of Caledor


The Asrai forces set up position, shrouded by trees and the cover of darkness. The Asur had set up camp in an abandoned Watchtower, Brettonian in make. The time had come for war.

Iorveth signaled to Rhaine and she began the ritual. Her hands erupted with energy, runes became scorched into the earth and she began speaking in an ancient tongue none could understand. Within seconds the forest began to move, it revealed the wood elves to their unprepared foes, elf and forest spirit standing side by side ready to defend their sacred homes.

"Let the battle commence" Muttered Iorveth


Iorveth's elite unit of Way Watchers broke from their forward position dancing through the forest nimbly avoiding the treacherous poison covered thorns that scattered the earth. He had clear sights on the Noble on eagle. He had not taken to the skies yet...he was vulnerable. Loading his Bow he fired 4 arcane arrows at the fledgling lord and before he knew what was happening 4 feathered tip were protruding from his chest blood leaking from his mouth he fell off his steed drawing his last breathe. Looking around he saw his army advancing towards the enemy. A wave of whistling arrows flew through the air and the sounds of screaming made all but the sturdiest of elf wince in pain.

Iorveth felt a cold chill run down his spine and a vortex of pure magical energy had been unleashed. Looking to his right he saw a chain of lightning strike a treeman before leaping through dryads. Before he knew it, it was heading towards him. He dove from his perch and into the cold earth just in time to see his brethern burned alive by the magical surge. He let a tear run down his cheek as across the battlefield it tore through his glade guard like they were made of butter. It was certain whoever cast that spell was well versed in the winds of magic. Just as he thought it was safe another bolt of lightning struck heavily wounding his treeman.

As the etheral mist from the spell vanished the Asur were on the march heading towards his weakened lines. Calling out to Rhaine he ordered the army to charge. They could not hold against such a torrent of raw magical power. To the west the gnarled forms of the Treekin smashed heavily into the high elf ranks supported by the beautiful yet deadly Dryads. Facing the might of the forest the elves ran for their lives however Athel Loren was no known for mercy and they were cut down in mid retreat.

Iorveth staggered out of the woods, injured but alive. He saw the famed dragon princes of Caledor in the distance. Looking to his right he was his army coming to aid him...he knew they would fail in that task. He let fly his arrows and struck down half the unit, they changed direction and charged towards him. Saying a prayer to Isha he loosed another volley of arrows slaying many. The remnants of the unit ran the elf through with lances and crushed his body with barded hoof.


Rhaine winced in pain as she saw her dear Iorveth cut down before her eyes. Mustering all her might she let out a battle cry and arrows errupted from the forest striking many an elf down. Roused by the Spellweavers call the ancient treeman charged into the ranks of the dragon princes and crushed them under root. The Asrai were making good progress, all that was left was the Watchtower...heavily defended and housing the infernal mage. Before Rhaine could put up a counter ward lightning once again leaped through the ranks of the elves slaying many leaving only charred remains in its wake.

The remnats of her army prepared to charge the tower, the fury of Dryad, Treekin and Treeman would tear the structure down and destroy the inhabitants. Victory was hers. As they rushed to the final battle a ball of fire, crashed down upon the bloodied soil exploding in a fiery inferno. Dryads and Treemen were turned to ash in an instant and elves were set alight and screaming in agony. The manic laugh of their wizard could be heard through the ear piercing explosion. All she had left was a few Treekin who escaped the explosion. Weaving a mighty incantation the treekin charged. From the soil errupted more treekin to join their ranks. By the time fighting broke out 6 stood where there was 3. The mighty bretton tower was turned to rubble in a matter of minutes, not a single elf survived the onslaught.


Rhaine rushed to the fallen body of Iorveth. His battered form bringing a tear to her eyes. Marking a rune on his forehead she stood and watched as the sprouted vines and roots and entangled his body and began to carry him back to the black oak where he will lie for eternity in the crypts. As Rhaine left the field of battle she cancelled her ritual and the forest that had moved to let battle ensue once again claimed the clearing as its own. Light faded and all was silent again.
I hope you enjoyed reading this as i did writing and playing it!

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