Saturday, 2 July 2011

1000 Point Sethayla Themed List

Hey guys, 

So i thought i would post something NEW today, i have been focusing a lot on tactics and thought i would go against the norm and post something WILD and out there...a type of army very few people because...well...its hard...very hard...possibly the hardest competitive theme to play with...but its fun...oh so fun because its just horrendously fast. Lets have a look see at my Sethayla list:


Light Armour
Hail of Doom Arrow
Helm of the Hunt
Great Eagle
My general...and only character. At first having NO wizard might seem a bit of a disadvantage...and i agree but focusing on THIS character is actually a hidden strength for the style. He comes in with S5 T4 Armour 4+ and 4 attacks, his mount comes in with 2 S4 attacks and a Stomp attack. This makes him tough (for a wood elf) and very damaging...specifically in the case of Wizards. Get this guy into Base to Base contact with a wizard and watch him destroy them instantly. If he dies...its a shame but you have just taken out a powerful weapon against this type of list. And of course if he lives he lives to cause more havoc as he is a pretty good combat character. Optionally he can be used as a support charger etc. His HoDA also gives him some good ranged potential on turn1.

10 Glade Guard

Hate to say it but this is a unit filler and distraction. My biggest unit and simply their to draw attention and do light ranged damage...and that's it

5 Glade Riders

5 Glade Riders
My glade riders are key to the list. They have an insane movement keeping them from getting caught up in any combat i want to avoid and they have no move and shoot penalty. Basically these are going to run circles around my enemy pelting them with arrows and possibly getting in some rear and flank charges (double teaming...or triple teaming with other fast units) 


4 Warhawk Riders

4 Warhawk Riders
I love these guys. They are dangerously fast, very hard hitting and can hit and run. Whats not to like? Run circles around your foe, pelt with arrows get a flank charge and unleash a bucket load of S4 attacks...and remember from flanks and rears your foe gets not supporting attacks...then hit and run out of combat to charge again later. Again teaming up with other units will help greatly. These are also perfect for killing warmachines and hunting them


Great Eagle

Great Eagle
More fast moving death. Again wizard hunters, unit support, harassment and warmachine hunters. simple as that.

The idea of the army is to avoid combat unless i WANT to be in combat. The speed will let me do this easily. My speed also lets me redeploy constantly. I could focus all my attention on one flank and as they move to counter me i swing around to the opposite flank and harass that flank basically, running around them preventing them from doing harm and with all my anti wizard based units my lack of wizard will not be to much of a problem.

The list is not without flaws and weaknesses but its fun and at 1000 points is surprisingly deadly on the battlefield. 

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