Monday, 11 July 2011

Storm of Magic Global Campaign: 1000 Point List

Hey guys, so my local club is taking part in the Global Campaign that starts this Saturday for the new Storm of Magic expansion. A few things to note, last Saturday there was a series of introductory games to learn the new rules and due to the overwhelming victories by the players who follow the Lore of Life our team gets an additional +2 to cast lore of life spells since we are Ascended. This should change from week to week. It should only be 1000 point games to maximize the number of games however i suspect larger games later in an escalation sort of setup.  Without further ado, here is my list:


Level 4 Wizard
Lore of Life


Level 2 Wizard


10 Glade Guard

10 Glade Guard

10 Glade Guard

10 Dryads

10 Dryads

Bound Monsters and Magic

Iron Hard Skin
Fiend Tail
Rending Fangs

This list comes pretty standard overall. Plenty of archers, plenty of Dryads and 2 wizards to maximize my chances of getting Magical Dominance as well as giving me some extra channeling, a chance of getting the better lore of Athel Loren Spells etc etc. My Bound Monster is the Chimera, not only is a fantastic model to build, paint and look at it is pretty darn good in game. Whilst i would have liked to have the S4 Breathe Weapon, points restrictions limit it unfortunately. Luckily however he comes in with 6 S6 Attacks + an additional D3 S6 Tail Attacks which get +1 to hit on the rear and +1 S6 Chomp Attacks with armour piercing and if i am hitting a large target i get +1 to hit. Finally he gets his Thunder Stomp Attacks giving him a grand total of 17 attacks maximum. Add to this Terror, 4+ Scaly Skin and fly and you have quite the beast. His only downside is his low Ld and his Initiative of 2...hopefully he will be able to get those hits in before biting the dust!