Monday, 18 July 2011

Wandering and Pondering - Episode 1

Hey guys

This is my first wander and ponder. Yes, it is short but this sort of thing requires people to leave comments asking me to talk about various topics (any topic) The more comments i get them more Wandering and Pondering episode will be made!

Leave comments, have a good one

- Azeebo


  1. maybe have the camera facing you, then if you want to show them something specific or point out a random thing, then do that.. you could do something like 'ten facts about Azeebo' something like that :)

  2. i said the word 'something' alot there. I do apologise :p

  3. Something was mentioned many times...will have to discover what that is.

    Will disclose 10 things about myself...or somethings about my self in the next walk and talk ^_^

    More comments = more content of course.