Saturday, 9 July 2011

My view on COMMENTS

Hey guys Azeebo here. Thought i would share my views on leaving comments. Simply put: DO IT! If you want to comment on anything whether it be praise or criticism leave a comment, we will have a friendly debate and see what happens. Discussion is great! But, if you felt like you wanted something specific covered for YOU leave a comment, i will check it and will very likely post something to help you out.

Example: Amy leaves a comment requesting starter tips for wood elves and you wanted to know where to start. I would literally make a post like 'Amy - How to get started with Wood Elves '.

So, leave comments and lets get things rolling!


  1. Hi! I discovered your blog few days ago, and I'll answer to your request by saying that I'll do next time (as far as my english level makes it possible :/ )
    I'm first gonna check your tactics part! :-)
    See you!

  2. Hey Turblush, thanks for commenting and i hope you like what you see. I am sort of new at blogging and tactics but i am hoping it does its job. If you like what you see please feel free to follow me and i eagerly await your comments on my posts. If you know of anybody who is into wood elves or fantasy in general please pass on knowledge about the blogg to get some interesy etc.

    Kindest regards

    - Azeebo