Friday, 22 July 2011

What Azeebo is planning: THE GREAT UPDATE

Hey guys!

I quick video with all the things i have planned for the coming weeks! ENJOY!


  1. Wander and ponder question....if I was to start an army from scratch which one would you recommend, not 40k I'm not to interested in tanks and stuff.

  2. I had a Goblin army, and I now have a high elf army, I prefer the high elves if I am being honest, there's a few things i want to ask really, the first is, I want to paint my army, what colour scheme would you give to the high elves, and I haven't painted much before, do you have any tips on painting skills?

    What is the best thing in the high elf army, and what would make me a strong competitor?

    If I was to go for a more feminine army, what would you choose, and what colour scheme would you give?

    Also, what are the key differences between high elves and orcs & goblins, i'm thinking about adding to them and was just wondering how to advance..

    Thanks very much,