Sunday, 31 July 2011

Great Bray Shamans - The Perfect Killer

Hey guys Azeebo here,

So i ranted a bit about my super killy magic death machine of a wizard in my Great Bray-Shaman review, and would like to go into more detail about WHY i personally think he is so good.

So, first off what is the build?
Great Bray- Shaman
Level 3-4 (BEASTS)
Many Limbed Fiend
Brass Cleaver
Jagged Dagger
Uncanny Senses
5++ Ward Save from BRB

It is a simple but effective lord choice you can dumb down for smaller games and remains effective even when reduced. The idea is you want your shaman to play the role of Combat Lord and Support Caster, and it works very well in both regards. You get your wizard + unit into combat and using Savage Beast of Horros you get 9 attacks at strength 7-9 depending on banners and spells cast prior, You will likely pass you primal fury giving you rerolls to hit and 2+ to wound landing you roughly 7 power dice for your next turn. HOWEVER, if you are still in combat through their turn you will generate ANOTHER 7 power dice giving you 14 ADDITIONAL power dice you can choose to 'cash in' at any point in your magic phase, and it can be in any magic phase! With this many BONUS dice you have 100% free reign over the magic phase as it is impossible for your opponent to stop the sheer madness that will ensue. There are down sides, he can be killed in combat and if you are not in combat you obviously dont feel the full benefit. 

Overall, i love this character and he will forever be my Shaman of choice from now on! 

- Azeebo

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